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We are excited to announce the launch of our Video On Demand series that is starting with our Electronics Series and our Detroit River series. These will be followed by the addition of a couple new titles a week until we get the whole catalog online.
 Lance Valentine's DVD Series - Walleye 101 Seminars 
Lance Valentine hosts a six week walleye fishing seminar series.  Topics include Sonar, GPS, River Walleye, Weed Walleye and more.  Each DVD contains original footage from Lance's weekly seminar.  You will experience the topics and discussions the same way the participants did.  Each of the six seminar DVD's include a bonus PDF version of the weekly study guide you can print on your computer. 

Please Note: These DVD's were filmed in the classroom.  They are not Hollywood quality films, but they have some really good fishing info!  
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    NEW! Weed Walleye DVD!! Captain Lance Valentine teaches you how to catch more walleye from the weeds!!

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    NEW! Advanced Trolling DVD!! Captain Lance Valentine teaches you how to catch more fish any where or time you troll

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