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 Lake Erie Walleye Hot Spots (Far West) 
Lake Erie Walleye Hot Spots for the far western basin will put lots of fish in your boat.  Massive schools of fish leave the Detroit River after spawning and hang out near the Fermi plant for about two months.  It's not uncommon to catch 30 or more fish per day during May and June.  Check it out.   See you on the water, Chris

Fermi Power Plant Area

Overview of the Area
Located between Lake Erie Metro Park and Stoney Point (north of Monroe, Michigan).  This are holds fish from late April until mid July.  Fish are generally small to mid-size eaters (15-22").  This is one of the first stops for fish leaving the Detroit River after the spring spawning run.  The water generally has a gradual drop off from 12-25 FOW.  Once you hit 25 FOW you are near the Ohio line.  The bottom is relatively featureless except for a few areas where dredging debris was dumped from the shipping channel - these areas can be the key to holding fish from time to time.  The water in this area tends to stay relatively clean because of the inflow from the Detroit River.  Because it's shallow, it warms up relatively quickly in the spring.   

Open water trolling is the most common and productive technique for this area.  Typical presentations include crawler harnesses early in the year with crankbaits and spoons becoming productive as the water warms in late spring and early summer.  Generally inline planner boards and bottom bouncers are the preferred methods.  Hot colors every year are perch and gold. chartruese, green, and orange or some combination of these bright colors.  

Hot Spots 
The first hot spot is the area known as the dumping grounds directly east of the banana dike in 12-18 FOW.  This area holds spawning fish leaving the Detroit River for several weeks in spring.  Concentrations of fish in this area can be significant in May and the 2003 year class should make this a productive spot for several seasons.     

The second hot spot is front of the Fermi plant in 12-20 FOW.  Work from the bay north of Fermi (end of the banana dike) to south of the plant.  Start in shallow and work out deeper during the day and as the water warms throughout spring and early summmer.  There are resident fish that stay shalllow here well into summer even when a majority of the boats are fishing a lot deeper.   This area also hold large numbers of BIG Sheephead.  Not great for the fish fry but lots of fun on your light tackle.

The third hot spot is an area known as the Bell Buoy.  It'a big green buoy that has a bell that rings every few minutes.  Fish can be found all the way out to the shipping channel by June.  This area is deeper water and the fish move here as the water warms.  It's the last place they hang out before they cross over into Ohio waters in late June.  

Dumping Grounds - Waypoints 41.58.9 and 83.10.4

Fermi Plant Area -   Waypoints 41.57.6 and 83.12.2

Belle Buoy Area -   Waypoints 41.56.8 and 83.10.0

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