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 Lake Erie Central Basin - Pier Fishing 

Pier fishing options for Lake Erie Central Basin (Huron to Cleveland).  Get descriptions, photos, and contact information for the places you plan to fish. 

Huron Pier                               Pier Video (coming soon)

Main Street                               Satellite Image and Map Click Here

Huron, Ohio 43839                  

Phone: None

Located on the west side of the Huron River at the entrance to Lake Erie.  Great place to fish for walleye and perch particularly in the fall and at night.  Fishing is best when the water is clean.  Call ahead before you drive out to the pier to fish. Bring a long rope (15 feet) for your minnow bucket if perch fishing.   Gets very busy in the fall when the walleye move into the Huron River to feed.  Huron Bait & Supply conveniently located near the entrance to the pier.


Caution:  Pier can take some big hits from the Lake Erie waves.  It's about an 8-10 ft drop from the pier to the water.  Particularly dangerous near the lighthouse - wet and slippery. If you're bringing small kids you might want them to have a life jacket on. 

Fees: No fee to use the pier or for parking.  

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