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Detroit River

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 Detroit River Tour 

Detroit River walleye fishing hots spots that every fisherman should know.   Learn the landmarks of the river and where they are located.  When someone says "we hammered them at the Roostertail today" you'll know exactly what they are talking about.  We list the sites in order from north to south. 


The Roostertail is located on the extreme north end of the Detroit River across from Belle Isle and just south of Lake St Clair.   Clean bottom, shallow area that is relatively easy to fish.  The "Grand Stands" are located downsteam from the Roostertail


Renaissance Center               

This prominent Detroit River landmark provides a wide variety of structure from shallow flats to deep holes.  It's location on a large bend in the river makes it a great location for a majority of the spring season.  Make sure to put this on your list of areas to check as you travel the river.  

Cop Shop               

The Detroit police station (low tan building) is a great place to try during mid season walleye fishing on the river.  One clue:  If you can read the license plates on the cop cars you are probably fishing in the right area - close to the wall, really close.  

Princess Boat

The Detroit River Princess Boat is parked right on top of our favorite walleye hot spot!  Don't worry just try fishing below the boat tight to the wall.  This area can get pretty crowded on weekend for good reason.   Fast current so set the hook quick when you get a bite.  

Boblo Dock              

One of the most recognizable landmarks on the upper Detroit River.  You'll see lots of boats drive by this area every weekend without stopping to fish.  Don't make the same mistake they do and you'll put more fish in the boat. 

Mail Boat Dock              

One of several historic locations on the upper Detroit River.  These boats take mail and laundry out to the freighters.  That's all really interesting, but the best part is the area actually holds some big fish if you know what to look for! 

Belanger Park               

Can't miss this Detroit River landmark.  Look for the lighthouse and lots of guys fishing from the boardwalk.  Big fish caught off shore every year.  Don't be afraid to fish deep later in the day.  Clean bottom and relatively easy to fish if you are new to jigging the river.

Two Rocks               

This can be a great area to catch monster Detroit River walleye at certain times of the year.  Get there early because the fish tend to drop off into the deeper channel later in the day.  Located just south of the big white steel mill and north of Mud Island.



Mud Island & Ecorse Channel              

One of the best areas on the entire upper Detroit River system.  Mud Island has deep water channels, large flats, inside turns, current breaks, and every other classic river feature.  Ecorse channel (west side of Mud) can be productive as well.

Pier 500               

A great place to pull up in the boat, take a break and get a burger.  If you want a fish sandwich you better stay out on the river just south of this place.  Don't be surprised if you hook a big fish - they spawn on the Mud Island flat to the east of the channel.  

Buoy 104

This buoy is in Canada just across the border.  The deep water area on the US side of the line holds lots of fish after the spawn is done.   Clean bottom and easy to jig.  Watch your drift so you're not fishing in Canada.   


The Detroit River candlestick marks the US and Canada border in the Fighting Island channel.  Deep water area holds lots of fish but is muddy much of the spring - try it if we get clean water.  A drift to the west side of the red buoy downstream should keep you in US waters.  

Water Intake

The water intake building is located on the west side of Fighting Island on the border with Canada.  The best area is around the red buoy north of the intake.  Deeper water channel is US waters once you get up on the dropoff you're in Canada.    

Buoy 94

This Detroit River buoy is located south of the water intake building and sits on the edge of the Fighting Island Channel.  The downstream drift puts you in about 32-38 FOW.  Very few snags.  Buoy 94 is close to the Canadian line so don't go too far east of the buoy.  

Golf Course              

Most people pass by this one going about 40 MPH.  Don't make the same mistake.  Narrow area of the river that funnels fish moving north and south.  Deep water on the west side and shallower flats on the east side.  Give it a try next trip on the river.  

Pump House

This area south of the Golf Course can produce good fishing if you know a few secrets - of course we will share those with you on the "Lower River Hot Spots DVD" when it comes out.  Try it yourself while were making the DVD and see if you can figure it out.  

Trenton Channel               

The Trenton Channel (Edison or Candy Canes) is located at the south end of the Detroit River.  This area has a crazy amount of relatively shallow structure.  One of the first places fish arrive in the spring.  Well know for it's crowds and trophy fish.



Humbug Marina              

The area just north of Humbug can produce some massive Detroit River walleye particularly early in the season.  This has been the site of some amazing tournament catches.  Relatively clean bottom adjacent to a large flat where the walleye spawn.  



Horse Island Bridge              

This bridge in the south end of the Detroit River can be a great area for fast jigging action.  One of the first stops for fish coming into the river and for fish leaving after the spawn.  Located just a half mile north of Erie Metro Park boat launch channel. Give it a try.

Detroit River Hot Spots DVD's
Lance Valentine's "Where To DVD Series" cover the Upper Detroit River and Lower Detroit River.  Each DVD will show you 15-20 hotspots, waypoints, maps and more.  The Upper River DVD covers Wyandotte to Lake St Clair and the Lower River DVD covers Wyandotte to Lake Erie.  This is the best investment you will make and the cheapest part of your entire Detroit River trip.  

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