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 Custom Crawler Harnesses 


Crawler Harnesses are not available for purchase right now. We are changing suppliers and need to convert everything over. Do not worry, there will be no difference whatsoever in the harness or spinner blades, only where we are getting them from.

Thank You

Walleye 101 Custom Crawler Harnesses TM are made with only the finest components.  Each harness is hand tied in Michigan and includes:

  • Blade - Warrior Lures hand painted in Michigan
  • Hooks - #2 premium Gamakatsu octopus (bleeding red front and black back)
  • Leader - 20# premium Sunline Super fluorocarbon (48 inch)
  • Beads - quality 6mm beads
  • Clevis - quick change with keeper
  • Swivel - #7 crane swivel  

Our harnesses have been tested by real fisherman on Lake Erie and Saginaw Bay. They Catch Fish!  

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    holds blades securely
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    Foam Blade Organizer Inserts

    Ask Lance

    How Can I Make My Crawler Harness Program More Effective?

    That's easy!  All of our custom crawler harnesses come with a quick change clevis.  Pick up some plain blades in gold, silver, and copper and start to experiment on the water.  A Boy Girl harness looks great with a plain copper blade.  A Moldy Lime harness produces more flash when you add a plain gold blade.

    Remember one thing.  Running a buch of different colors is not a susbstitute for finding fish on your sonar before you drop lines.  The most effective color spread won't work if you're not over fish.  I would find a color that is producing - like Boy Girl - then add another one to the mix at the exact same depth (distance back) but with a plain copper blade.  See which one produces better results and then run them both the same way. 

    Spinner Magic DVD
    This DVD covers proper techniques for fishing crawler harnesses and inline spinners.  Whether you are trolling the Great Lakes or one of the bigger inland lakes this DVD will help you put more fish in the boat.   Lance is a recognized authority on open water trolling.  Topics include:  inline weights, depth control, proper speed, color combinations, and more.  Learn from the best!  Video: 60 minutes   Buy Now
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