Smart walleye anglers know that weeds hold lots of bait and lots of walleye but getting those fish out of the weeds can be a challenge. Believe it or not, multiple hook crankbaits can be one of the most effective presentations to extract walleye from the weeds.

Captain Lance learned walleye fishing is shallow, weed lakes, and he shares his experience on picking the right crankbaits for weed walleye, picking productive colors, the best rod and reel setups and more in this course covering everything you need to start fishing crankbaits for weed walleye.


By: Captain Lance Valentine

SToday’s walleye anglers look at crankbaits as a tool to troll for walleye in open water but that was not always the case. Early crankbaits were designed for catching walleye on shallow flats or in shallow cover like weeds. Crankbaits can be one of the best presentations to extract walleye from green weeds if you understand a few secrets.

Crankbaits catch weed walleye by imitating the bait fish that draw walleye into the weeds. The enticing wobble, flash and vibration of a crankbait can be hard for prowling walleye to resist. While, hooks are crankbaits are exposed, they fish through the weeds well if the right equipment is used. Finding the right crankbait for fishing in the weeds depends on a few things.

The shape and size of a crankbait are important details to consider when picking a crankbait. Two shapes excel for catching weed walleye. Long, skinny slow wobbling stick baits have been around forever (think original Rapala) and are a great choice for casting to the weeds, especially when fishing over the top of submerged weeds. Shorter, fatter shad style baits (think Shad Rap or Flicker Shad) have a different action with move vibration and work over weeds and on weed edges.

When stocking your weed walleye crankbait box, be sure to have a lot of versatility. To start, be sure to have stick baits from 3-7” made from both wood and plastic, since each material creates a different action, vibration and flash. Be sure to have shad baits from 3-5” in shallow and deep diving versions and again be sure to have baits made with wood and plastic. When picking colors for weed walleye crankbaits, remember that walleye leaving in weeds may have a tough time seeing your bait. Concentrate on colors with lots of flash and some bright colors. Avoid natural colored baits, since minnows are naturally colored the way they are to HIDE from fish and stay alive, you want your crankbait to stand out in the cover so walleye can find it.

Rigging up properly for fishing crankbaits is important. For casting most weed crankbaits spinning gear is preferred. A high-quality spinning rod from 6’2” to 7’ Medium to Medium Heavy action with a fast tip. A stiff rod allows anglers to “rip” crankbaits off the weeds and create a “get away” action that attracts bites. Spool up with 12lb castable fluorocarbon fishing line and you are ready to go. Attach crankbaits with a simple crankbait snap or use a Uni-Knot.

Walleye in the weeds love to attack crankbaits!! Pay attention to the details above, find some green weeds, and get on some great walleye fishing.

*****EXTRA**** Lance’s Favorite Walleye Crankbaits ******EXTRA

Original Rapala Floater Size 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, Husky 13, 18
Rapala Husky Jerk Size 8, 10
Rapala Shallow Shad Rap Size 5, 7, 9
Rapala Shad Rap Size 5, 7, 9
Rapala Jointed Shad Rap Size 4, 5
Rapala Glass Shad Rap Size 5, 7
Rapala Shad Rap RS Size 5, 7
Rapala Jointed Shallow Shad Rap Size 5,7
Rapala Jointed Original Floating Size 7, 9, 11, 13
Storm Junior Thunderstick
Reef Runner RipShad 400


  • Introduction
  • 1. Why crankbaits work in weeds
  • 2. Weed crankbait shapes
  • 3. Weed crankbait sizes
  • 4. Wood vs Plastic
  • 5. Weed crankbait colors
  • 6. Lance's Favorites
  • 7. Rods Reels Line
  • Final Thoughts