Electronics Definitive Course

Course Content Available for 2024 Calendar Year Only

The Teachin Fishin Electronics Definitive Course contains content that Captain Lance has presented over the past 25 years updated with some brand-new thoughts and applications for sonar and GPS. We start with over an hour of new content from Captain Lance covering understanding sonar, picking the correct transducer, advanced ways to use sonar and GPS and much more.

Then we move on to three timeless educational pieces specific to the interpretation of sonar, sidescan, downscan and how to get the most from your GPS units. These pieces of content were the basis of the beginning of “Walleye 101”, later to become Teachin Fishin and continue to be the most popular and most requested presentations by anglers, clubs and fishing shows alike when Captain Lance performs seminars.

Along with the video content, we have included easy access to Captain Lance’s library of blogs that cover all aspects of sonar and GPS usage. We have selected over a dozen blogs that cover everything from sonar interpretation, installation, GPS usage, sonar setup and tuning and much more

While viewing all of the video content and reading the blogs, be sure to take notes and jot down any questions you may have during our PRIVATE 90-minute LIVE STREAM Q&A 4/10. When all of the off the water education is done, you will spend 3 hours on the boat with Captain Lance to actually see how the concepts taught apply when you are on the water.

There are only 12 seats, during 4 on the water sessions and with only 3 students on the boat with Captain Lance, there will be time for direct, personalized attention and hands on teaching, so you can learn to get the most from your electronics in the Teachin Fishin Definitive way.