Sonar Interpretation

The Sonar: Have you ever wondered exactly what your sonar screen is showing you? If so check out the Teachin Fishin “Sonar Interpretation” feature course. Captain Lance covers all you need to know to understand what is on your screen starting with how sonar works, transducer cone angles and sonar basics. Then he moves on to teaching what your screen is actually showing. Learn how to identify gamefish vs baitfish, hard bottom vs soft bottom, how fish look on sidescan and down scan and more.

You can’t catch fish if you’re not fishing where they are! Seems simple, but even today anglers will randomly head out to the lake or river, put some lures in the water and hope. So, with all of today’s sophisticated electronics why are anglers not using them to find fish?? Our “Sonar Interpretation” Feature Course will make you a fish finding expert.