Walleye in the Weeds

Fishing for walleye in the weeds is probably one of the most overlooked patterns by most walleye fishermen. Sure, some anglers that fish smaller inland lakes still hunt for walleye in the weeds, but most today’s anglers ignore the weed bite. As modern electronics and bigger boats and motors make it safer to go further offshore, the weed bite becomes less and less fished. And that is a HUGE mistake!

In the Teachin Fishin Weed Walleye Feature Course Captain Lance Valentine shares everything he has learned over the past 4 decades of chasing walleye in the weeds in lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. Lance discusses what weeds to look for, why walleye live in the weeds, how wind effects walleye in the weeds and the best presentations to use when fishing weed walleye.

Captain Lance also touches on why weeds should be your FIRST choice on the Great Lakes at certain times of the year, how wind direction can move fish, using electronics to find weeds and fish and how to rig your boat for weed fishing.

If you fish a body of water with weeds, or are looking to unlock the secrets of weed walleye in big water, this course is for you..