July: Summer Peak Walleye

Well the calendar says it’s summer and the hot temps and hot fishing verify it. Summer is one of the best times to chase walleye IF you know where to look and how to fish for them. This month we will be covering summer walleye location, spoon trolling for summer walleye, understanding leadcore, 5 tips for more summer walleye and how to survive fishing in the heat!

July TFAC: – Thoughts on Lure Color

Get a few fishermen together and ask the question “What’s the best color”? Sit back and let the fireworks start! Some anglers believe that color is the MOST IMPORTANT thing when selecting a lure, while others will argue that color hardly ever matters. Actually, the truth lies somewhere in between.

This month Captain Lance discusses some thoughts on lure color, factors that affect color choice, lure accents, seasonal color preferences and more…this one is sure to start some converstaions!


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