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This month Captain Lance discusses some thoughts on lure color, factors that affect color choice, lure accents, seasonal color preferences and more…this one is sure to start some converstaions!

Thinking for Success

Join Captain Lance as he shares over 30 years of walleye fishing “thinking” on the boat and walks through all the things to think about, how to think when you are catching fish, when you are not catching fish, as the weather changes and more.

Worming For Walleye

Only a few understand the nuances of picking the BEST blade for the conditions, how to buy and store crawlers, the difference between open water and bouncer harnesses and even the simple act of hooking a crawler on a harness the RIGHT way.

Water Color & Clarity

This month Captain Lance discusses how water color and clarity affect fish and presentations, how waters get dirty, how to determine color and clarity and what you can do to adjust to different conditions every day.

Bite Windows

This month Captain Lance looks at what bite windows are, how they change with time of year, weather, water conditions and more. Understanding bite windows will help anglers be in the right place at the right time more often, and will lead to increased catches!

River Details

Current is a key factor when locating walleye especially in spring and fall. Our content will include current walleye hotspots, river walleye fishing techniques, best lures for current walleye, river walleye fishing gear, effective strategies for river walleye and more.

Get the Most From Sonar

We all believe “you can’t catch fish where there are none”, and most of our members have at lease a basic understanding of how sonar works. This month Captain Lance digs a little deeper past basic interpretation as he explains the little things that can make a big difference when using your sonar unit.
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