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Time for Trophy Walleye

Fall is the time to start focusing on catching TROPHY walleye in lakes big and small. Understanding what happens in the fall to the lake, the bait and the walleye is key to finding and catching trophy fall walleye.

River Walleye in the Fall 

Fall is the time to start focusing on catching TROPHY walleye in rivers no matter where you fish. Rivers offer a unique blend of habitat, food, current and safety that walleye are drawn to. Understanding what happens in rivers during the fall can provide anglers with great fishing for months, even during weather that keeps them off the lake


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Mid Summer Locations

The “dog days” of summer are here, and the walleye are adjusting, and anglers need to adjust too. Summer can provide some of the most consistent fishing of the season as the weather settles in, water temps start to stabilize, and walleye’s metabolism turns up.

What We Learned 

Spending lots of time on the water and being able to chat with lots of other anglers means that every year new things are learned. Good anglers are always looking for an edge, and gathering information, keeping good records and more.

And Now For Something Completely Different

Walleye fishing is what brought most of us to the TFAC, but there are so many other fishing opportunities that go ignored because we simply focus on catching walleye. Some of us may occasionally venture off to try something new, but the Great Lakes region offers so much that most of us never even try.

Wind Waves & Weather

Focus on how the three W’s affect walleye movement all year, with an emphasis on spring to summer transition

Understanding Structure

Focus on understanding what "structure" really is, how to find it on a chart, how fish use it, and how to "guess" where fish will be.

Casting for Walleye

Focus on finding locations, using electronics and presentation details for casting walleye with a rod in hand!

The 8 Steps Review

Introduction and application of the TF system/what the 8 steps are and how to use them to catch more fish/focus on the “why” of each step

Walleye In Rivers

How walleye can be caught in rivers, big and small in the spring/focus on smaller rivers along with large rivers/presentations that work/new presentation ideas

Opening Day Walleye

Focus on inland and non-Great Lakes early season fishing, especially in marginal walleye waters (lakes and rivers). Lots of Walleye to be caught