January 2022

8 Steps Foundation

What are the 8 steps? episode one of our foundation series Lance Valentine breakdowns his 8 step method for catching fish.

February 2022

Ice Out

Putting the 8 steps into practice and action. How to use the information to have more fun on the water


March 2022

Spring Walleye Prep
Spring is here! This month we cover how walleye react to spring in any environment they swim including lakes, rivers and reservoirs


April 2022

Detroit River Tactics

Let’s break down my top 5 key techniques for spring river walleye. While heavy current can be challenging to fish, understanding a few key presentations. 

May 2022

Inland Walleye
Catching walleye from inland lakes can be easy if you understand how they act. Understanding prey options, lake types and cover options is a great place to start. Inland lake walleye are chased by most of the walleye fishing world, and Lance shares a few of his favorite tips

June 2022

Casting for Walleye







July 2022

Mid Summer Walleye
Mid-Summer, a time of plenty for walleye. The lakes are rivers are full of options in cover, location, bait and feeding times. Walleye are feeding now more than any other time of the year, but the surplus of live bait can make fishing tough.


August 2022

Trolling Spread
August brings a discussion of the walleye trolling spread.
Lance Valentine breaks down all the good stuff that is lined up for August as he tackles "Controlling your Spread" -
being more efficient when trolling for walleye whether it is inland or on the great lakes.

September 2022

Transition to Fall

The changes are subtle, but walleye are moving! As summer winds down days are shorter and nights are colder which means walleye will begin to think about leaving summer haunts and moving to get ready for fall. 

October 2022

Big Fall Walleye
In most parts of the walleye world, fall means fantastic for trophy walleye and most areas hold some type of Big Fish derby in the fall. To finish high in these events, anglers need to change how they approach fall fishing for trophy walleye.

November 2022

First Ice Prep
Ice fishing is just around the corner in most of the walleye world, and first ice can be some of the best fishing. After a long summer of open water fishing it is important to remember that ice fishing has it’s own set of rules, especially for safety.

December 2022

Year in Review

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